OPSQC INC. – (short for Operations and Quality Control) is an Illinois corporation formed with the objective of supporting American manufacturers and jobs.

With over 20+ years of industry technical, operations and quality experience in both Strategy and Tactical implementation, we are well versed in problem resolution and efficiency to enhance reputation, throughput and profitability.

Most consultants provide direction, but these solutions fall short because there is no accountability for implementation. That’s what separates OPSQC INC. we don’t throw solutions over the wall – we see them through.

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Jared Warrick, Principal Consultant

Operations & Quality Manufacturing Leader with over 20 years of experience in various Continuous and JIT manufacturing processes. Pragmatic and customer focused, brings results by disseminating simple, organized solutions to complex issues. Heavily emphasizes process capability & integrity.

Experience developing, implementing & validating robust business & operational processes at all points of supply chain resulting in visible P&L improvements. Extremely adaptable/ results-driven decision-maker.