Podcast_016: Ed Egan – Founder of Double E Workplace Solutions

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? Do you want to challenge yourself? Listen this week to draw inspiration from Ed Egan, founder of Double E Workplace Solutions. Ed was in the corporate America workforce for 2 decades but wanted to be his own boss and more importantly, wanted to challenge himself. Double E Workplace Solutions offers customizable services to identify performances gaps in the workplace. They offer coaching and training solutions to small and medium size businesses. Ed’s mantra that he brings to his customers is efficient execution and constant evaluation. You have created your startup but are now struggling with communication channels and/or want to improve your employee’s behavioral efficiencies? This week’s podcast is perfect for you. We hope you enjoy this week’s show.





Podcast_011: Paul Van Metre – Co-Founder of Proshop ERP

This week we talk with Paul Van Metre, co-founder of ProShop ERP. The company didn’t originally start as an ERP systems company but rather was founded in 1997 as a CNC shop. As their CNC business grew, Paul realized early on that their spreadsheet record keeping was not going to scale laterally with the business. For this reason, they developed their own system and through 8 years of organic growth eventually became Proshop ERP. The history of Proshop ERP is truly a story of “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” Proshop was heavily involved in Aerospace in 2001 and the 9/11 attacks nearly bankrupted their company. They learned from this and adapted because during the 2008 financial crash, they didn’t furlough nor let go any of their workforce. Fast forward to the Covid19 Pandemic, they are thriving. Proshop ERP has doubled their workforce in 2020. Listen this week and learn how Proshop ERP overcame these obstacles.