Podcast_015: Locke Berkebile – Co-Founder Crewchief Systems

Create a Category Leader! Co-Founder Locke Berkebile discusses how he and his co-founder Aaron De Zafra approached digitizing the aircraft maintenance industry over knocking around the idea at a poker game. He also discusses the importance of a Founder’s Agreement, and why its important. Making the leap from corporate to starting a business with friends or family is wrought with risk, so having those hard conversations in advance makes sense. In addition, the potential to be a disruptor in other industries simply by looking at growing industries and looking at what supporting processes need improvement. You won’t want to miss what Locke has to say about this, starting a company during COVID and other topics. Enjoy!

Podcast_014: Jason Pittman – President of ExitAdvisor

When is the right time to get a valuation on your business? What is your exit strategy? Are you planning on selling in the next few years? Meet Jason Pittman, President of Exit Advisor. Jason is in the M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) space to help business owners that have revenues of $300,000 upwards to $10,000,000, plan their exit and/or retirement. Whether you want to pass the business to other members within your family or want to sell to the highest bidder, there is more than 1 way to achieve your goal. What started as a blog and a hobby has now grown into a full-time business for Jason. Now that your business is profitable, it’s never too early to begin planning your exit strategy. We hope you like this week’s show!





Podcast_013: Savvyeur – Founders Keith Kriegler and Randy Cavaiani

Savvyuer focuses on marketing for entrepreneurs via programs designed specific to their customer through their 3-pillar programs, Knowledge, Coaching, & Marketing. The end product is optimized for the customer depending on how much or how little they require from Savvyeur. Savvyeur was founded in August 2020 during the Covid19 pandemic and now has 11 full time employees. Both Randy and Keith have startup and large multinational experience bringing well balanced focus to Savvyeur. We discuss some of the bigger obstacles they came across starting Savvyeur and the path to overcome these challenges. Listen this week to learn more and we hope you like this week’s show!

Podcast_012: Neil Schwan – Owner of Schooley Mitchell Expense Reduction Experts

In this episode we interview Neil Schwan – Owner of Schooley Mitchell Chicago. Schooley Mitchell is a large franchise network of independent and objective cost reduction experts, handling repetitive billings, traditional expenses relative to services like telecom, waste handling, small package shipping, etc. allowing you to focus on your core business knowing your systems are fully optimized and any wasted money is recovered. Neil and I are also co-founders of an Efficiency Mastermind Group.